Pastor Chris Biography

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a very famous name amongst people of faith. He is not only a Pastor but also a faith healing minister, a television host and an author of many famous books. Pastor Chris was born in Edo, Nigeria on the 7th of December, 1963. He was the firstborn in the family of T. Oyakhilome. From an early age, he showed a special inclination towards spirituality and religion. He studied at Ambrose Ali University in Ekpoma in Edo State and also holds a Ph.D. degree.

Pastor Chris is the founding president of Christ Embassy, also known as LoveWorld Inc. which has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. The ministry he runs has an international network. He operates a healing school and produces a global daily devotional by the name of ‘Rhapsody of Realities’. His younger brother Pastor Ken Oyakhilome also helps him with this and is a distinguished member of the ministry. Currently, he supervises the Texas branch of the church. His younger sister Kathy Worghiren (nee Oyakhilome) is the director of his Loveworld Creative Arts Academy, Loveworld Children Ministry and Loveworld Music Ministry. This shows a strong family bond and a shared interest and devotion to helping people and spreading the Word of God. Here are some interesting facts about Pastor Chris’s life.

Education and Early Life

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has a special relationship with the Benson Idahosa University. It is the place where he found his true passion and his career began to take shape. He realized his true purpose by working under the legendary late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, who was also the founder of the university at his Church of God Mission International (CGMI). This was the place where Pastor Chris learned what would make him the person he is today.

He speaks very fondly about the late Archbishop. Thinking about his early memories, he states, “Archbishop Benson Idahosa was one of the most remarkable and inspiring personalities of the 20th Century. It is a fact of life that those who did not have the privilege to get to meet him, are blessed to meet him through many of us. The impact of the Archbishop on me as an individual is unquantifiable.” Through his work and university, Pastor Chris was inspired to preach and spread the Word of God and impact people in a similar way.

Doctrine and Theology

Pastor Chris works and puts in precious hours of his life to spread the message of love and spirituality. He aspires to reach out and help as many people as he possibly can. His ministry is located in Nigeria, but the message and connections it has are widespread, reaching out to multiple continents. He holds meetings in the United States and the United Kingdom and his healing school sessions are hosted in South Africa and Canada. Pastor Chris was the very first creator of a Christian-based, spiritual television network broadcasting from Africa to the entire world so that all can benefit and strengthen their beliefs through it.

Pastor Chris has a very devoted congregation that follows him and supports him through all his endeavors. This was reflected the first time in the largest single-night event that he hosted in Nigeria in 2005. The event was named “Good Friday Miracle Night” and attracted over 3.5 million people from all over the world! This demonstrated respect, appreciation and the trust people have in his words.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has other events and conferences that are organized in different countries. These include Higher Life Conferences that take place in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. He also hosted the ‘Night of Bliss’ event at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg which was very well received. Besides all the events and conferences, he also operates an International School of Ministry. The first conference of this ministry was held in 2016 and was attended by 5000 ministers from 145 countries in South Africa.

Media has a very important role to play in the spreading of his work and message to the Christian nation. Pastor Chris has an online prayer network through which he sends messages and prayers to thousands of Christians across the globe. His social media handles continue to grow in popularity, as he currently stands at 1.9 million followers on Facebook and over 1.2 million followers on Twitter. His daily devotional ‘Rhapsody of Realities’ can be downloaded in over 1000 languages making it easily available to everyone. It holds the record for the most translated book in the world after the Bible!

His Influences and Work in Nigeria

As Nigeria is his birthplace, it holds a special status in his heart. Pastor Chris has started many successful programs running and operating in the country. Besides his television shows and conferences, he also hosts exclusive African awards for all the young leaders that are thriving in Nigeria and across Africa. This gives them the support and recognition they need to prosper and extend their roots further in their line of work. This philanthropic initiative has allowed over 40 Nigerians to pursue their passion and advance their careers. They are awarded investments and support so that young and budding entrepreneur spirits bloom and flourish. The initiate has helped many young Nigerians to make a new life for themselves from scratch and also promotes social projects.

Pastor Chris also hosts Higher Life Conferences in Nigeria. Pastor Chris recently donated one billion dollars to the Nigerian university ‘Benson Idahosa University’ (BIU) which reflects his commitment towards educating the youth and empowering them on all fronts. The new engineering faculty was inaugurated with joyous cheers and eyes glistening with tears of joy.

Pastor Chris is also sponsoring many organizations and campaign that aid in the advancement of impoverished children in Nigeria. These programs improve the educational standards of inner-city schools, provide summer camps that mold the minds of young leaders, and other beneficial youth programs that spread the Word of God and invite people towards faith and blessings.

Lifestyle and Travels

Pastor Chris is one of the most prominent personalities of Nigeria, or perhaps even the world. He travels frequently for international programs and conferences. In 2017, the church’s music and art department gifted him a dedicated airplane, to express how much he has touched their lives and positively impacted the community.

His has built an international network of churches and has millions of dedicated followers. He shares his message and connects to his community through television, newspaper, church programs, organizations, publishing, music and educational materials. Pastor Chris created his own social networking app called KingsChat that brings together the LoveWorld community in a wholesome, faith-based online world. 

Mission and Legacy

From all his philanthropic works, donations and youth programs, it is evident that Pastor Chris has dedicated his life in aiding the sick, poor, less privileged and needy. He has performed several miracles by the will of God to heal people and end their sufferings. He offers aid both spiritually and materially to provide his fellow people of faith with a better quality of life and strong and unwavering faith. His Inner City Mission Project states that “every child is your child”. This project is specially designed to assist orphans and indigent children in inner cities all around the globe through education, providing basic necessities and sharing the Word of God.

Pastor Chris is the founder of the prominent foundation known as the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI). The main purpose of this foundation is to provide a better lifestyle and education for underprivileged children, young adults and families. They distribute relief materials to countries who are under crisis. The economic aid delivered by COFI and countless organizations of Pastor Chris has a worldwide impact.

Through his donations and nonprofit work, many organizations pay tribute to Oyakhilome’s life work and his dedication towards the advancement and flourishment of people both locally and internationally. The BIU’s Vice-Chancellor Prof. Ernest B. Izevbigie addressed him fondly during his speech and highlighted the similarities he sees between Pastor Chris and his Archbishop. According to him, Pastor Chris was “fulfilling the legacy left behind by its founder, Archbishop B.A Idahosa and declared that the best days of Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome were ahead of him.”

Pastor Chris has truly been a role model and a life-changing presence for many. Through his firm faith in God and the power of mercy and healing, he has touched the lives of many, healed them of their ailments and secured the future of youth.